Calculation Engine
We are in the process of finalising the last bits of a calculation engine that can be used to power any system requiring complicated calculations such as those found in payroll, leave systems, time and attendance systems, financial systems and more. The calculation engine reads data from a database perform the user defined calculations and write the results back to a database. The engine executes human readable calculations in a fraction of a second. Testing so far have yielded a payroll for 10,000 employees with daily Time and Attendance driven earnings to take less than 5 minutes..

Indexing and Searching
A sophisticated tool that can read web pages, pdf documents or text documents and provide an index that allows documents to be navigated via a visual frontend similar to a mind map. The software use complex algorithms to establish associations between documents.

Structure Visualisation
This structure tool can be used to display mind map like diagrams for the indexing and search tool described above or even to draw organisation structures in any modern browser without the need of plug-ins. 

Entity Manager
The entity manager is used to track entities and their relationships at any point in time.
Examples of this include positional tracking of an entity, where in a process a particular entity is etc.
Screen Painter
The screen painter generates XML based input and enquiry screens allowing users to capture or view data via Internet Explorer.
Due to the fact that XML is generated it means that no other software is required on the client side.
A comprehensive security model allows users to define access requirements to the system.
At its simplest level a specific user can be given access to a certain screen in the system.
This access can be of an update or enquiry nature.
Furthermore users may be given access to specific resources in the system based on criteria such as location on a matrix.
Batch Upload
The batch upload allows the user to upload data into the system without the data having to be captured.
The same validation and criteria as applies to data being captured is applied to the data being uploaded.
All changes to data and parameters are automatically logged.
This means one can keep track of exactly who did what in the system.
Reporting and Queries
Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SQL RS) has been integrated into the foundation layer.
Parameters can be passed from the context of the screen or prompted as required.
The query tool will generate a simple report in real-time.
The clustering facility allows one to relative inexpensively scale the application when more processing power is required.
Instead of using expensive servers with the related software pricing issues normal PC's are used to share the processing loads.
This also forms the foundation of cloud based development.

This allows users to draw floor plans, process flows etc interactively via a browser and to allow interaction with a database in the background